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A luxury treat. You will find Nuru experience such an enjoyable - if not falling in love with it. The overall experience here may differ to what you see on (video) websites somewhere. Aside from sensual activity, the gel is truly providing an effective relaxation. It's incredibly relaxing using Nuru product even just on a therapeutic massage alone - it really is relaxed your muscles. The product tends to improve muscle tightness, soreness as it's very slippery and it's easy to work even possible on a deeper layer of muscle. It makes you feel comfortable once the warm gel applied and massage started. A professional massage from the start to the end using nuru product feels amazingly relaxing but it's also very sensual. It will slow everything down but heating you up sensually. On the sensual part, nothing to compare - it's truly sensual. The gel tends to work very effective in sensual play, its smoothness and slipperiness you're soaked in, and it's referred as a sex gel. This is sensually fun and very relaxing but may not suitable for a very long appointment; you can get too cold from the gel. As the experience combines with a therapeutic massage, I practice on a mattress on the floor for both safety. This amazing gel, anyone can provide you with the same effect but it always feels better getting a proper massage.


What you may experience

  • The cool effect: The gel will drop your body temperature once it's covered your entire body (a little while later once everything cool down), you may feel a little bit chill or cold in the cooler months or in the evening hours...but this can happen on a sunny day(aircon was on earlier appt esp). During 1:00 PM - 5:00PM can be the best time to participate if you feel cold easily.

  • Cold hands and feet: This is (most likely) happening to everyone even if you are not feeling cold, but this shouldn't effect your experience. 

  • Sticky, Slipperly: This only happens when you didn't clean thoroughly after the session. The running shower is a quicker way to wash it off, no soap require if you wish - it left no stain or smell.

The gel: Used warm for your comfort, and will apply directly onto areas (where the massage begins) to build up from the lower to the upper parts until it covered you whole then the body slide begins... 

Relaxation: Nuru is a "whole body" treat however facing up or down using the benefit of your own body weight. A gentle massage (surely you will feel it's actually pretty firm) performs while slowly adjust in sensual slides sweeping all over to cover your whole body with my special techniques to suit this slippery gel. Your ultimate zones are being teased and pleased in between whilst some times will let you take the time to enjoy the slow slides alone.  

Endings: 1st end will happen once the massage has already worked on (or before the massage start if required), this is to help you relax and build up. The 2rd or 3rd can be done 10-15 minutes after, until your session time ends. *Once you're relaxed, your ending feels better. More ends, lost time on massage or might find it hard or unable to relax - it's not all about quantity. 

*A wash may require after each ended in Nuru sessions for hygienist's (this may reduce the amount of product in your experience). 

Anal: You can request to include the massage on this area (insertion or not), no extra charge. In Nuru experience if require insertion, this prefer to be done at the end of your time.

Notice: The gel has no smell and it tends to bring up body odor (and get everything to mix/include body sweat) when we keep on rubbing; especially on private parts without paying closer attention cleaning these areas (including wrinkles on backside esp) it can drop your experience. *some services with some circumstances are unable to provide.

The better clean, always the better sensual experience. Poor hygiene - please wash again or unable to service. You deserve the same experience.

I have been providing NURU massage on and off since 2012 with its all qualities but stick to Platinum; best of its kind. 


Nuru session is NOT combined with the hot wax or hot stones.

A minimum experience is 1 hour/60 minutes. Services and prices are as below, no extras.


  • A wash prior and after a session exclude your appointment time - please arrive 5 minutes early for this.

  • Start time is your booking time - please consider I may have other appointments (before/after) are already preserved.




Please Bring the correct amount of cash $ - prefer

Please Text 0401 506 499 


Nuru Platinum Grade

Sensual Slippery Fun

The longest lasting slipperiness. Easy to wash off, tasteless, odourless, natural seaweed, suitable to all skin conditions.