• The cold effect: The gel will drop your body temperature once it's covered your entire body (a little while later when you start to feel relaxed then everything will start to cool down, esp. of all your limbs), you may feel a little bit chilly to bitterly cold or shivering in the cooler months, on a rainy day or in the evening hours...but this can also happen on a sunny day (aircon was on earlier appt esp). During 1:00 PM - 5:00PM can be the best time to participate if you feel easily cold. The gel tends to cool down quite quickly, to note for a longer session. It is a single-used mixture.

  • Cold hands and feet: This is (most likely) happening to everyone even if you are not feeling cold, but this shouldn't effect your entire experience. 

  • Sticky, Slipperly: This only happens when you didn't clean thoroughly after the session. The running shower is a quicker way to wash it off perfectly, no soap require if you wish - it left no stain or smell. Be cautious, mind your own steps when steping into a wet area, you may rinse your feet first thing before you wash the rest. I can help to scrub and foam you up so you can rinse off the rest (my shower-head is attached to the wall, unfortunately).

The gel: Used warm for your comfort, and will apply directly onto areas (where the massage begins) to build up from the lower to the upper parts until it covered you whole, the body slide begins and slowly wraping from the lower parts upward... I may support myself on your arms or shoulders to pull up while sliding.

Wet Play: Why call a wet play (sounds exciting)? The gel is WET. It is mixed with warm water - water is WET. The platinum grade gel has the thickest texture. Mixing with warm water for the comfortable temperature, the smoothness, and to reduce the thickness of the gel - so the body slide (smoothness) lasts longer without feeling sticky (You may feel this at the end of your session after everything start to dry).

Relaxation: Nuru is a "whole body" treat however facing up or down using the benefit of your own body weight. A gentle massage (surely you will feel it's actually pretty firm) performs while slowly sensual sliding, sweeping all over to cover your whole body with my special techniques to suit this slippery gel. Your ultimate zones are being teased and pleased in between whilst some times will let you take the time to enjoy the slow slides alone.


Considering: The gel is very slippery. The act of moving, lifting or squeezing muscles do effect the smooth, slow slide and provide difficulties as well as can be unexpectedly slipped onto the boney areas. It's best to let yourself to stay relax, feel the moves as you're being treated. Mutual play as how you feel the fun, don't be shy to ask or act. 


Hand Relief: 1st end will happen once the massage has already worked on (or before the massage start if required), this is to help you relax and build up. The 2rd or 3rd can be done 10-15 minutes after, until your session time ends. 

Considering: Once you're relaxed, your ending feels better. More ends, you'll lost the time on massage and the flow. Some people might find it hard or unable to relax when we focus on just endings - it's not all about quantity. If required more than one time endings please notify before we start, as most people expect a good one ending plus a quality relaxation. A wash may required after each ended in a Nuru session for the highest quality of hygiene which may reduce the amount of product, the flow and the time in your experience. 

Anal: Play on you only. You can request to include the massage on this area (insertion or without), with no extra charge. In Nuru experience if require insertion, this prefer to be done at the end of your time. *This is NOT a prostate massage. 

Notice: The gel has no smell and it tends to bring up body odor (and get everything to mix/include body sweat) when we keep on rubbing; especially on private parts without paying closer attention cleaning these areas (including wrinkles on backside esp.) it can drop your experience.


*For this reason some circumstances are unable to provide.

The better clean, always the better sensual experience. Poor hygiene - unable to service. 

I have been providing NURU massage on and off since 2012 with its all qualities but stick to Platinum; best of its kind. 

Sensual Slippery Fun

Nuru Platinum Grade

The longest lasting slipperiness. Easy to wash off, tasteless, odourless, natural seaweed, suitable to all skin conditions.

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